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Sorry for all of the delays.  Wow, you can’t imagine the difficulties I’ve had trying to get this silly site back up and running.  Every time I thought I knew how to fix it, I was WRONG.   The biggest flaw was using Yahoo and their site builder software.  It all works well when you have your own computer connected to the net, but when you try using a slow and unreliable satellite phone connection to the internet, you might lose their temper.  Just ask the kids!  So then I tried the “high speed” (yeah right) cyber cafes.  Well, you’ve seen the results if you haven’t outright given up on us.   Now, that leaves me here today March 20th , attempting to fix the whole mess.  If it works, the images will look better and several additions will have been added.  We are crossing our fingers since it would be more fun to go to the beach than work on the computer!



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